Dr. George Charity Car Show

Honoring the Memory of Dr. Sebastian George

The show is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Sebastian George, who was a nationally prominent oncologist and co-founder of the Desert Cancer Foundation. Dr. George received his medical degree and later earned a fellowship at the University of Wisconsin. Dr George started working at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California in 1982. He became a highly regarded, well-liked oncologist and cancer researcher. He was known for his selfless dedication to helping those battling the ravages of cancer. Dr George often worked for free to help patients who could not afford medical care. In addition to his work with the Desert Cancer Foundation he founded the first bone marrow transplant program in the Coachella Valley. His tragic death occurred in June 2002, when he was killed in a traffic accident.

Since the inception of our show we have raised over $553,000and provided close to $3,900,000 in cancer treatment services.


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